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Shannon Rawls pictures is a creative agency located in Los Angeles, California creating a variety of top quality films & media, then turning them over to distribution for worldwide exposure. We are committed to bringing passion to the most original stories from the worlds most innovative creators.

Digital Film

Established in 1999, Shannon Rawls pictures is a motion picture unit that is fully integrated and destined to stand as one of Hollywood’s most successful production companies. Helmed by top-class auteurs, SRp has enjoyed memorable successes and triumphed over difficult barriers, forging ahead with renewed verve & vitality. 

Digital Imagery

In addition to our Film & TV department, we also bring into service a High Impact photography powerhouse that concentrates solely on Fashion production. And in the many years we’ve been doing this, we’ve shot many!

What’s More Poetic Than Poetry in Motion? 


SRp – Commercial Development


Our Service

SRp has endeavored to find and foster new creative ideas by searching far and wide for the most inspiring and imaginative work for production that will leave its audience in ovation. SRp provides projects with resources and mentoring while serving as a production unit supplying content to media distribution for commercial entertainment and business needs.

We Travel

Based in Los Angeles but our reach is coast to coast, SRp travels wherever & whenever to get whatever is needed for the project.

Always On-Time

And we are always in or under budget.

We're Connected

We have everything, met everybody, familiar with all of it and there’s nothing we can’t do. The sky is the limit, creatively.

New Media Ready

We stay with the times. Updated and current, SRp is prepared to create content for all new & innovative mediums for now and the foreseeable future.


We believe our work speaks for itself. Browse our most recent projects below.

Klassy Kassy
  • You guys are AWESOME! Thank you so much. Your production arm is nothing short of fantastic. 

    Allison Cohn @ Comedy Central
  • Thank you Shannon. You came through in the clutch for our feature film. A top-notch producer like no other and I appreciate you.

    Kenya Moore, actress
  • Just a huge thanks to the SRp team for the beautiful creation and help in launching our first campaign promo.

    Gaynelle White @ Philthy Ragz
  • Top notch music video. So good had to come back for our next artist. Highly recommended. 

    Albert Keys @ RAH Records
  • Five stars for this company. Awesome production and great, quick turnaround.

    Kevin Delaney @ LRG Clothing Company

Many Minds, One Mission

We believe in a diverse range of personnel to bring creative skills, thoughts, and ideas to the table.

Jeffery Pulliam

Jeffery Pulliam

VP, Post Production View Details
Tony Bracy

Tony Bracy

VP, Production View Details
Mr. Shannon W. Rawls

Mr. Shannon W. Rawls

President, Producer View Details
Marques Owens

Marques Owens

Director View Details
Jeffery Pulliam

Jeffery Pulliam

VP, Post Production
Tony Bracy

Tony Bracy

VP, Production
Mr. Shannon W. Rawls

Mr. Shannon W. Rawls

President, Producer

Mr. Shannon W. Rawls, is a moviemaker who loves to keep the audience in his grip. His artistic signature is an elaborate visual style, developed through years of entertainment experience. His motion pictures take us on fantastic voyages, and when we leave the screen, the unforgettable characters, thrilled by the great stories and fascinated by the new experiences…deepen us. In today’s Hollywood, he performs as a great team member by initiating, producing, and sometimes directing highly commercial projects. What Shannon Rawls’ projects have in common is what his concepts have always shared, great characters playing out great stories. When the picture reaches the screen, it exemplifies what his shows have always given us, stories told with visual style and enthusiasm, cinematic journeys that absorb and hold us from fade in to fade out.

Marques Owens

Marques Owens


We are good at

Each completed project makes us even more hungry, hungry for more creativity, more work and at least some more twinkies. As a result we deliver a better visual experience.

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Fashion Photography

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